CVSS 3.0 (CVSS v3.0) Calculator in Excel

Hey Folks,

Update Apr 2018 : Finally added environmental metric to the sheet. Thanks to Lejla Memic for reading my blog and inspiring me to do it :). The Git now contains a new file with environment metric. Hope it helps

What is going on? So i was searching for a decent example of CVSS Version 3 calculator in an excel spread sheet and i could not find it, though i got few formulas. So i thought may be i should do it.

So here it is you can find a working calculator done in excel from the below link

Please feel free to use it and modify it. Also please note that i have only considered the base metrics and temporal metrics in performing the calculations. It should be easy to add environmental too if you need that.

You can find all the documentation on CVSS v3 here in the below link

Hope you find this helpful somewhere. Please let me know your feedback via comments



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