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Multithreaded password spray tool written on python using selenium packed as container image

 Hello Security Enthusiast, Are you looking for a quick way to perform password audit thru spraying on a bunch of web applications part of your security assessment, then you have come to the right place. So i have written a small tool in python that can perform quick password spray attacks on different authentication methods (as of now its ntlm and form based authentication) across multiple targets and generate reports with enough details to help with the ongoing assessment. Motivation & Inspiration Part of my job is to run periodic assessments against large enterprises that have large number of applications deployed so i needed something to run across multiple targets at once and could generate detailed reports for each attempt.  Another objective is to measure the effectiveness of monitoring controls in the environment so i needed a versatile solution that can be configured to different behaviour when needed, for example, perform a spray attack with delay between each attempts. A

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