My 3D Printing saga

Hi Folks,

So for a long time, i wanted to build my own 3d printer. I was so confused where to start, which one to build. Also at the same time i wanted to build a cnc machine too, so i was confused whether to go for both at same time, you know a single machine to do both job.

It took me sometime to convice myself that i may never build it if i kept on thinking about it. So once i got convinced i set to build a 3d printer, but now came the big question, which one to build? an opensource one or should i buy a ready to print machine from market? Confusion .... confusion .... so much confusion.

After long research through countless blogs and youtube videos finally i settled to build a prusa i3, according to me these are the benefits

  • Opensource design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to get replacement parts
  • Easy to improvise with new ideas
  • Cheap

And so it began. Then i thought should i get it as a kit from one vendor and go ahead. I did that at first, the worst mistake i did so far, going for the cheapest avaialble kit on the market.

But finally i made this a success, so i am starting this multipart blog to tell you my printing saga. Check this page for links to all posts around this below.

Check this video shot just when i powered the final printer for first time

Enjoy, please comment, share and subscribe to my youtube channel to support

Thanks for reading :)

3d printing saga links (will update soon)

Part one : The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Part Two : How did i overcome the problems and complete printer

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