Turn your smartphone or tablet into a 3d hologram - Amazing DIY project for kids

Hey Folks,

So recently i saw an amazing instructable on 3d projection pyramid and it seemed so cool, so me and my friend tried it out (its mostly my friend). It turned out to be so amazing that i decided to write about this on my blog. So here i am. And if you are a parent or kid looking for an amazing weekend project or something to show on science fair, you have come to the right place :D

When i say its amazing, its totally an understatement, you will be a taken back by the simplicity of the project. Its really easy and it only involves some plastic and a smartphone or tablet with decent resolution display. Both are easy finds these days.

Basically you will see an illusion of 3d projection display without the need of any sophisticated hardware or 3d glasses. Its really cool when you actually see it live.

To make it you could need to use thin sheet of reflective material, first we used acrylic sheet with was thick and it gave us bad results due to dual reflections on the both sides due to thickness. So i suggest you should go with something like OHP sheet (used in overhead projectors in classrooms) which is easily available in stationary stores. You will need a scissors, a marker and some transparent sealing tape to hold it together.

First you will need to cut it something like below

You will have to cut 4 of these to form a pyramid like shown below

Top view

side view

sides are joined with transparent sealing tape

just added a bottom too, this is optional

so once its all done you will need to search and get some videos . You can try this playlist on youtube - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIBOvx4-v-vb1ilOKLqTQrqdG-T_t2GeG

Just place your phone on top of the pyramid with the help of some support and play the video, and enjoy the rest.

I used some card board and acrylic plates for support
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Also watch the difference when we used acrylic sheets in the first attempt

It looked something like this in pics

couple dance


skull not clear at all due to double reflection

Dancing lady; camera had tough time focusing it

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