A Diy bug lure and zap from old mosquito bat

So... OK here is the story: I am on bed at night watching some movie on my tablet and soon trouble starts. These nasty little bugs, attracted by light, crawls all over my bed. AND I AM SICK WITH THEM !!!!! ARGHHHH!!!!!!

Next day i set out to blast these bugs (Fortunately they are not big as the ones in star ship troopers lol ). So they are suckers for lights, bingo some multicolored LED s gonna do the trick.

How to blast them? Its a pity, I did not happen to have any nuclear warheads lying around in my garage.. But wait my brother found the exact solution

An old mosquito Zapper electric bat, with a dead battery.. PERFECTTTTTTT :) :D Thanks Bro (Seriously he gave me a good pose with that laugh for something else)

So I hacked that bat, literally to get me the inner guts (aeewww :P)

This little sucker, sucks in about 3.5volts and squirts a large amount of voltage out. that is the part we are interested in. Just for the record, this dude has a battery charging logic as well (RIP that). Alright, we have got most of it. Now what? Oh yea LEDs, I love them :D

I bought a couple of LEDs from a local shop and I had a LM317 lying around to regulate the voltage. Not to mention the 12v 1A AC adapter or 12v SLA lying around in the house.

So at first i made these

2 Parallel connected sets ( 3 series connected LEDs)  lol on a prototype board ..... cool

Now to make a neat simple voltage regulator, I used LM317 and a bunch of resistors. It pretty simple circuit, If you are interested please go to this link. Which contains detailed information. I kinda hate redundancies unless its a matter of security (I know Tony stark thinks the same way... Wanna bet? Check out the scene in the Cafe where Ironman hangs out the day after his birthday when his suit was taken by his best buddy. Agent Romanov says "Multiple redundancies to prevent unauthorized usage" :D)

Ok that being said here is my Regulator 

See it in action 

Now all i have to do is connect the LEDs and Zapper board in parallel way. Of course you have to trim down the voltage fed into Zapper to 3v or else the poor chinese made stuff aint gonna hold it :)

Ok Now i mounted the whole stuff (I salvaged the metal net thingy from the bat and taped it on a cardboard box and it looks neat aint it?

I tested it on different batteries (Li Po and SLA ones ) It works perfect.

Ok now this little dude serves me well at night so that i can watch movies all night BUG FREEE

Hope you guys like my simple hack. It getting real late i should be back to watching movies Lol

I have uploaded a video i took some time back while making the Zapper enjoy :D